Thomas und Bob Proctor

your benefits:

  • more energy and power

  • less stress  and more selfhealing 

  • chronic or acute  problems

  • prevention

  • mental strengh

  • beauty and anti aging

  • better health and charisma

  • well-being and happiness at all levels
    of your life


Thomas Koran:

Bob Proctor Consultant

Scio-Experte des 21.Jh´s

spirituelles Heilen


A combination between a medical device method, spiritual healing and Bob Proctor Coaching
Get quickly to the desired result of your body-temple with the "speed-of-light".


My References

  • 15years expert in the field of medical device mehthods

  •  building up several locations in Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Italy

  • about 28.000 individual therapeutic appointments

  • over 30 years experience in spiritual healing

  • spiritual and energetic teacher

  • founder of the 8th continent healing education


The "speed-of-light"session

  1. actual state

  2. testing-phase

  3. evaluation

  4. several individual balance-therapies

  5. spiritual healing 

  6. recommendations

Mit Scio-Balance zu mehr Energie, Lebensgefühl und Lebensfreude


eine gerätemedizinische Methode des 21.Jh´s

für Menschen die weiter denken  als die Schulmedizin

Bob Proctor Coaching und Scio Balance

"Welcome to your NEW spirit, with
your  NEW awareness to create
self-healing wonders."